Would i date you? (males only)

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I am a straight female! i am super bored and yeah. so i decided to make a quiz for anyone who wants to see if some stranger will be interested in them!! lol looks odd when i put it on in text...

Answer all the questions to your fullest ability and dont pick things you think i might like. don't lie to seem like a moral person lol i know better. This is kinda a joke, but im super lonely so if you leave info in the comments i might actually hit you.

Created by: Maggie
  1. What's your gender?
  2. How old are you?
  3. are you into open relationships?
  4. whats your ideal image of a perfect date?
  5. what do you watch on tv?
  6. how close would you let your partner be to someone of the opposite gender as them?
  7. how violent are you?
  8. huge parties or small groups?
  9. what qualities do you think are best in a partner
  10. do you like youtube?
  11. whats your view on... kkkkiiiiddddsssss!
  12. what do you lack in relationships?
  13. do you keep secrets from most people?
  14. do you like going outside?
  15. xbox, playstation, or pc?
  16. are you romantic?

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