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  • I went looking to see if Im Poseidon because I had a dream about a man made of water with a white beard gold and silver trident and white robes walk out of a tsunami wave and I could control me in that dream and feel the sand and the breeze so I asked are you my father because I felt a connection to him and he said you find out soon enough and I asked again Poseidon are you my farther and he said you find out soon enough and then he stood there and I felt happy confused and at peace all at once... then he was gone and I woke up at 8:32 this morning.

  • Your Result: Poseidon

    You are Poseidon. You must be an annoying person at times, but you are very fun to be around with. You like romantic and fun books and movies. You love mammals. Poseidon is a very happy-go-lucky guy, and you probably love to hang out with your friends.

    My favorite of the Three! My actual favourite would be Dionysus though

  • Your Result: Zeus

    You are Zeus. You must be a somewhat bossy person, but once people get to know you better, you become nicer. You like mystery and non-fiction books and movies. You love birds. Zeus is a very strict and stern guy, and you probably love to order people around.

    ^so true............... Hey go get me a glass of water I don't wanna get up!

  • Hades. You are Hades. You must be a quiet person, but you are actually very smart and skilled inside. You like horror and action books and movies. You love reptiles. Hades is a very sneaky and creepy guy, and you probably love pranking your friends who are just like you.

    I have only one thing to say. MWA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA !!!!!!

    Scratch that. I have two things to say. When's part ten of the not any mortal boys coming. I'll DIE without it!


  • Poseidon is bae hes the best god to u can breath under water and controll the hole sea, talk to fish and horse sharks wont attack u...livein the life if u ask me

  • Posedion. How?! I hate water!!!.JK!!! I love water!

  • Hades! YES! i rule the underworld1 woohoo!!!


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