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  • Yeah...I'm super skinny [naturally. I eat like a pig and nothing happens, lol] and I can't run worth a darn! I think I have lung problems though. Quizzes that are like these are just silly. You don't need a quiz to tell you your need a scale. o.0

  • this quiz said that i'm perfect. it's wrong, im not perfect. i'm waaaay to skinny and i hate it. i almost died when i was little because of this.

    • Yeah I have a eating disorder and got the result of perfect as well. I'm trying to recover but it's such a struggle alot of the time. I hope it doing better though.

  • lame...I'm not in between I'm fat yeah its nice that i got the WRONG result but um try to give people the right ones omg...and oh yeah even fat people can run

  • the answer was just as I expected chubby.


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