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  • "You are a liberal. You beleive in the power of the government as apposed to the power of the people. You support taxes and erge for more regulation of our economy. You wish to redefine family and are pro-abortion."

    W hat?!?! I "believe in the power of the government as opposed to the power of the people?" Excuse me, but when I retook the quiz and answered in a way that scored me a "You are a conservative. You believe in the power of the people as opposed to government" I was dumbstruck. For example, if you choose to "outlaw abortion," which gets you "conservative" points, then you obviously don't believe in the power of the people (to make their own choices) but believe in the power of government to prevent it. Same with immigration (deport them and fine employers=conservat ive, i.e. gov't over people) and marriage (define as between man and women = conservative, i.e.; government can make decisions for you better than you can).

  • Your Result: Independent

    You are an independent. You tend to have some conservative views, and some liberal views. You are one of the voters who decide the election. Perhaps you are a libertarian, a party dessenter, or have no political affiliation.

    Con servatives don't like my views because I hate capitalism and liberals hate that I'm okay with war and against "gun control."

  • would that all things were this simple; Tort reform, cut taxes , more tort reform, cut more taxes let small business do what it does best hire and hire and do more business. In case there is a time lapse "tort reform" etc....


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