Are you Beutiful?

Are You beutifull? Take the quiz! You know you want to! You're already speding time reading thia! Why not?! Just give it a try! NOW! lolol jk! I don't have anything to write!

Lalala! I'm singing! I can't belive you're still reading this!! Get a life! lol i'm bored! idk what to write here! I could care less if you stopped reading this and too the darn (see i'm being clean) quiz!

Created by: Lydia

  1. You're walking down the street and you see a cute boy (asuming you are a girl). OH MY GOSH! You just maid eye contact! You?
  2. You are now walking down the hall of your school. Sudenly you see someone push the books out of an inocent boy. you,
  3. OH SNAP! You just found out this guy (Once again asuming you are a girl) you had a MADURE crush on is gay...
  4. You just got a text from this REALLY anoying fat guy saying, "I really like you. I've liked you ever from the first time I saw you. Will you go out with me?" You reply,
  5. When you put on your eye liner you put it on,
  6. How big is your chest?
  7. How curvy are you?
  8. Your hair color?
  9. Eye color?
  10. Your lips?

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Quiz topic: Am I Beutiful?