What Is Your True Eye Color

A quiz made for fun to see your inner eye Color, which will it be, Violet, Black, Green, Brown, Blue or Hazel Let your mind guide you to your true eye colour

Fun facts about the creator: She has Brown Eyes, Wavy Hair, Is an Aquarius and is a HufflePuff, sheโ€™s bright and cheerful and puts others above herself, sheโ€™s a great person to know

Created by: Kitty
  1. Whatโ€™s Your Eye Color (Doesnโ€™t Effect Just Wondering)
  2. Favourite Color??
  3. What Is Your Personality (Out Of These)
  4. Whatโ€™s Your Age (No Effect)
  5. Zodiac Sign
  6. What Month Were You Born?
  7. What Eye Colour Do U Want (no effect I promise)
  8. What name would you want?
  9. What Style Do You Dress In?
  10. Gender
  11. Sleep With Alarms?
  12. Cats or Dogs?
  13. Do you believe in yourself?
  14. Which Hogwarts house?
  15. Hair Type
  16. Hair Colour
  17. Would you rate this quiz
  18. Do you like yourself?

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Quiz topic: What Is my True Eye Color