Are you are real or fake fan of Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi fantasy show on Netflix. This quiz is to test your smarts on the show to see how big of a fan are you. A lot of people love this show -- do you?

Are you a super fan of Stranger Things, or are you a casual fan, which means you watch it but you are not really into it. This quiz will tell the difference. I thank you for selecting my quiz, and in a moment we will test your knowledge on Stranger Things.

Created by: Lily Lemus
  1. What is Eleven's power?
  2. Out of these five, who goes missing?
  3. What food is Eleven famous for eating?
  4. What happens to Eleven when she uses her powers?
  5. Where is Will stuck at?
  6. What happens when the monsters are coming?
  7. Who else goes missing after Will?
  8. How does Joyce communicate with Will?
  9. Where did Dustin, Mike, and Lucas find Eleven?
  10. Who gets to go to the upside down?
  11. True or false, when they first find Will's body it is a fake.

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Quiz topic: Am I are real or fake fan of Stranger Things?