How well do you know Dr. Who?

Dr. Who is an extremely famous show made by BBC. Show the, some respect if you love this show. Some things about Dr. Who you need to know! Others are just for pros.

Millions watch this show, but few know this much about it. Some questions are truly hard and only for people that watch this show Daily. I hope you enjoy.

Created by: Geoike

  1. Who is Dr. Who?
  2. What are one of Dr. Who's biggest enemies?
  3. Who has Dr. Who traveled with?
  4. Who is Johny Flick?
  5. How does Dr. Who travel?
  6. How many Drs are there?
  7. What are Ood?
  8. Which movie has the actor of Dr. Who also been in. (If you miss this question it doesn't matter).
  9. What were the Daleks based off of?
  10. Torchwood was originally made as...
  11. What was the first word from Dr. Who to be added in the Oxford English Dictionary?
  12. Final serious question... You could by a Dalek for how much?
  13. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dr. Who?