How well do you know Doctor who?

Have you ever heard of the epic show doctor who? If you have not, it is a show full of monsters, timetravel, bowties, and more! This show is a real hit in the U.K and as well in America.

Are YOU a real whovian? Have you watched the show over and over on Netflix? Prove your whovian skills to the test. Take this Fun 10 question quiz and just have fun!

Created by: giovanna

  1. Who plays the 10th doctor companion,Rose Tyler?
  2. In the latest christmas special, Last Christmas, which of the following is true?
  3. Out of all these doctors, who has the biggest chin?
  4. Where did they host the Doctor who festival?
  5. What Happened to Rose Tyler?
  6. Who was Clara Oswald's boyfriend?
  7. Which statements are correct?
  8. What monster can only move when you are not looking?
  9. What is the 9th doctors catchfrase?
  10. Who is Missy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Doctor who?