How Well Do You Know The Doctor?

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So, this quiz is about the Doctor, obviously, the one from Doctor Who. Let's see how much you could possibly know about the Doctor, even the great question.

Are you the ultimate whovian about the Doctor? Well, you could find out here, right now! Are you a true Doctor whovian, or just thinking false thoughts?

Created by: Spencer Lee Hemminger
  1. Who played the First Doctor?
  2. Second Doctor?
  3. Third Doctor?
  4. Fourth Doctor?
  5. Fifth Doctor?
  6. Sixth Doctor?
  7. Seventh Doctor?
  8. Eighth Doctor?
  9. War Doctor?
  10. Ninth Doctor?
  11. Tenth Doctor?
  12. Eleventh Doctor?
  13. Twelfth Doctor?
  14. What species is The Doctor?
  15. What planet is he from?
  16. Who is the Doctor's Wife?
  17. about how old is The Doctor, according to him?
  18. How many regenerations did he originally have?
  19. Where was the Doctor destined to die?
  20. What is the Doctor's grave located in on the planet it is on? (I'm not giving away the answer to the last question!)
  21. What was the Doctor's first companion?
  22. How were the companion and the Doctor related?
  23. Where was the Doctor destined to die by the Silence and the strange astronaut?
  24. On what day?
  25. At what time?
  26. What was the Silence?
  27. What was The Question?
  28. What did the Doctor use to SUPPOSEDLY end the Great Time War?
  29. How did the Time War REALLY end?
  30. In the "Day of the Doctor" which three Doctors met?
  31. What species is the Doctor's oldest and most vicious enemies?
  32. For the last, ULTIMATE WHOVIAN QUIZ QUESTION ABOUT THE DOCTOR, what is his true name?

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