Are You an Olympian Eridanus Starseed?

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BACKGROUND INFO:You might be wondering what an Olympian Eridanus Starseed is. Basically, it's a mythological Greek/Roman spirit from the Eridanus (river) constellation.

INTRODUCTION: Think that you might be an Olympian Eridanus Starseed? Then, please take this quiz if you dare. Maybe you shouldn't. The results might be shocking. Get it? Shocking.

Created by: DianaLuciusDeCollis of My Olympian Eridanus Starseed. FB Page:
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  1. Do you have past-life memories of The Greek Gods, in their kingdom, on their corresponding planet, (which they later inspired the mortals to name after themselves) or outer-space? Do you remember being trained by Mars/Athena for battles on Mars, a Titan war on Saturn's moon, Apollo's concert on The Sun, racing around the rings of Saturn in the inter-planetary Olympics, going a quest to defeat a series of mythical beasts on other planets for immortality or being trained by Hermes, on Mount Olympus to use your demigod powers?
  2. When you look to the Eridanus (river) constellation, Greece / Rome, the mountains, forests, seas, stars or other natural habitats, do you see it as your home? Do you feel in your intuition that you come from a place among the stars? Do you hold the Eridanus constellation sacred? Do you use the constellation, Orion or the star, Sirius to help you find your star home (the Eridanus constellation)?
  3. Do you love Greek/Roman culture, history &/or mythology? Do you keep a collection of Greek/Roman things and have an ancient Greek/Roman style?
  4. Do you effortlessly have a realistic and extraordinary imagination? Are you very artistic, talented and creative? Are you a talented artist, writer or innovator?
  5. Do you strongly value logic, innovation/advancement, open-mindedness, out-of-the box thinking, calmness, resilience, perseverance, acceptance, justice and integrity? Do you despise evil, stubborness, irrationality, prejudist, narrow-mindedness, excessive egiosm and others direspecting tastes/opinions?
  6. Have you incarnated as a mortal on Earth to complete a mission for The Greek Gods, (e.g. break the bad habits of humanity, advance scientific/philosophical knowledge, debunk common misconceptions or impart the gods' knowledge of unwritten truths)? Or to experience the pleasures of being human, (such as using solids)? Or as a punishment for upsetting a Greek god?
  7. Do you inspire others to break boundaries and climb higher mountains by showing them the limits of what humanity is capable of? Do you inspire others to use their talents to help others?
  8. Do you try to improve and be your best-self, everyday? Do you value others knowing their identity and purpose?
  9. Do you believe in The Kardashev Scale Theory? Do you believe that The Greek Gods were advanced extraterrestrials who looked the same as the humans, were so technologically advanced that they scientifically became immortal metaphysical simulations, in their own metaverse and could appear to mortals by hacking into their minds? Do you believe that magic is science and that the gods use their advanced technology to scientifically control the laws of nature beyond humanity's current capacity to comprehend?
  10. Are you fascinated by hypothetical science, technology, astronomy and quantum physics? Do you often speculate about the unknown? Do you try to estimate complex maths problems, such as the circumference of The Solar System from the top of your head, in your sleep?
  11. Do you love nature and animals?
  12. Are you a loner? Do you enjoy quiet time? Are you an independent hard worker? Are you frustrated, because no-one understands you? Do mortals seem alien to you?
  13. Are you good at advising, comforting, mentoring, accommodating, protecting and peacefully solving conflicts?
  14. Were you intellectually advanced in a particular subject as a young child? Were you one of the only children reading factual books, at your school library, in your early childhood? Did you have imaginary worlds and supernatural abilities as a child?
  15. Are you very smart, funny and loyal?
  16. Do you love the Olympics and military combat or competitive sports?
  17. Do you have a godly/scholarly/geeky/older than thou intelligence? Do you consider yourself more intellectually/spiritually advanced than the average mortal? Do you sometimes feel too ancient or too young?
  18. Did you have extraordinary powers, since your early childhood? Do you receive visions of impending doom? Or have you used telekinesis, read people's minds, know things without knowing, controlled the weather, interpreted oracles or used any other magical powers?
  19. Do you astral travel between the godly realm and mortal world to communicate with The Greek/Roman Gods, particularly when your physical body is asleep?
  20. Are you ready for your quiz results?

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