Are You addicted to Minecraft?

There are many Minecrafters, but some take it tooooo far. An addicted Minecrafter is someone who plays to much. Are you a normal Minecrafter or do you have a problem?

Are you addicted??? In order to find out if you Minecrafting has gone too far, take this quiz. It will help ou determine what type of Minecrafter you are!

Created by: Dani
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  1. How often do you play Minecraft?
  2. Do you have Skype or a program to talk to other players?
  3. Do you talk with random strangers when playing?
  4. Do you play when friends are over?
  5. Have you developed a twitch?
  6. Do you have multiple accounts?
  7. Do you have multiple youtube accounts?
  8. Do your eyes get red or burn after you play?
  9. Do you play before going to bed?
  10. Do you have a hard time sleeping?
  11. Do you ever sneak back on after being told to get off?
  12. Do you think about Minecraft when your doing normal everyday stuff?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to Minecraft?