What type of Minecrafter are you?

Ever wondered what type of minecrafter you are? Well, you came to the right place! There are four main types of minecrafters: Miner, Builder, Explorer, and Newbie. Here you can figure out which one of these you are!

For accurate results, answer with the choice that suits you, even if it embarrasses you. If there is no answer that suits you, pick the closest one. Have fun!

Created by: Ryan
  1. After collecting some wood, you:
  2. A generous hacker joined your world and gave you infinite diamonds. You:
  3. You're in a world that is set in Creative mode. What is the first thing you build?
  4. Pick the block/item based on what you like to do in Minecraft:
  5. Your friend playing with you in Minecraft accidentally hits you into an end portal. You:
  6. The game glitches and gives you every skin in the game. Which do you try on first?
  7. Which mode do you enjoy the most?
  8. A friend has built an amazing house in a really cool server. What do you do first?
  9. How would you demolish a building?
  10. This is the last question
  11. Sorry this is a glitch don't answer

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Quiz topic: What type of Minecrafter am I?