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  • i got:

    I Tell You the Truth. You Are very Unique And Put You Emotions In Different Places. It Could Be Mood Swings Or Writing Or Art. You Are A Bit Emo! This Doesn't Mean You Are All Black Or Complete Ranbow Or Cut Your Self. You Can Just Be A Bit Different On The Inside. Though It may Not Show.

    but i was seriously just browsing so thts intersting..lolz

    ~ TT_Twin_Girl :)

  • i got You Are A Emotional
    k then, nice quiz
    ............. ...............

  • i got your a little bit emo..if ya say so.Cool quiz! :)

  • i got you are emo and i wuz browsering because i wuz bored

    black ballerina
  • i got ur a lil but emo. nice. i took dis cuz i was bord, but ok...


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