Are You Actually Emo?

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Many People Have Been Told "Your Emo" Or They Dress Different Or Cry Lots. That Dosen't Mean Anything. Your Real Emotions Matter. You Emotions Are Inside, Not Outside!

The Goal Of The Quiz Is To Tell You If You Are Emo, Not On The Outside. But Inside.Emo People Just Express Themselves Differently Than Others. Want To See If You Really The Real Deal?

Created by: sg
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If You Could Would You Like A...
  2. What Would You Rate Your Friend(s) Out Of Five?
  3. Do You Think Your Really Emo?
  4. How Do You Feel?
  5. Do You Day Dream?
  6. If Someone Asked You To Dance You'd Answer...
  7. Do You..?
  8. Favorite Colors?
  9. You Go To The Doctor And He Says You Have 9 Days To Live! You...
  10. Why Did You Take This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Actually Emo?