What emotional sign are you ?

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There are many types of emotions they are often blended and involve many complex variations of emotions . Emotions are a natural instinct state of mind. Steming from moods, relationships,and reactions.

We all have blended emotions, it's just a matter of how we react to them, How well can you read your emotions? What's your emotion type? Take the quiz to find out. This quiz is solely intended for entertainment purpose only. Have fun & enjoy 😊 ☚ī¸

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  1. If you know someone close to you won the big lottery. Would you?
  2. If your best friend is getting married. Are you?
  3. If you saw someone eating out of the garbage. Would you?
  4. If the president called you on the phone? Would you?
  5. If you receive a note from a secret admirer? Would you?
  6. If someone cuts you off on the road. Would you?
  7. If your neighbor/ friend has a block party, and does not invite you. You would
  8. Your boss asks you to come to work on your day off. You would
  9. If your out shopping with someone, and they are indecisive. Do you?
  10. Do you want this test to be over?

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Quiz topic: What emotional sign am I ?