Are you a werewolf?

Werewolves,there are three ways to become one,and two ways back to humanity.They date back to ancient Greece and Rome,France,Russia and many other contries.

Are you one?Are you full-fleged werewolf ready to hunt with me?Or are you just a human,or even worse,a vampire.Yuo will never know,unless you answer questions about you and werewolfs.

Created by: Far Out Bean Sprout

  1. are you a vegetarian
  2. Do you have lunacracey
  3. are you of French origin
  4. do you fear the dark
  5. do you like dogs
  6. do you like to be alone
  7. do you enjoy silence
  8. do you camp
  9. have you eaten deer,rabbit,ect.
  10. do you stay up
  11. does the full moon bother you
  12. mommy werewolf + daddy werewolf = baby werewolf

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Quiz topic: Am I a werewolf?