Are You a True Typical Country-girl?

There are many country people in the world. Some of them are actually no country. They just pretend to be because they want to be noticed. You will get a bad reputation for doing that.

Are you a country-girl? Do you have what it takes to be one? Well hopefully you will find out if you do in just a few moments. Thanks to this quiz. You find out in few minutes.

Created by: BreA
  1. Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ?
  2. Do you skateboard every once in a while?
  3. Do you love to do farm work and chores?
  4. Do you love to read the bible and some of your favorite books?
  5. Do you believe cruelty is good for animals?
  6. Do you love nature or a lot Of Concrete?
  7. Do you believe in crazy hard working country folks?
  8. Do you love to mud and ride 4-wheelers, and ride your horse almost all the time?
  9. Do you love to watch ole western tv shows?
  10. Do you believe in your self that you are a country-girl at heart and home?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Typical Country-girl?