How well do you know my country?

Everyone out there, this kid knows is a proud citizen of his/her country and this lad just wants to check out how much you all know of his country, so if the idea makes you feel good please come and take the test, that would make this child very happy. This is all I have to say, thank you.

These are just a handful of easy questions, no way near the standards of your Geography papers, so it shouldn't be that hard to answer, and these are objective questions, so you should have fun.

Created by: Rahul Singh
  1. When did India become independent from British rule?
  2. What is our highest national honour called?
  3. Which is our national capital?
  4. Where is the Bollywood located?
  5. Who was the first Indian astronaut to reach space?
  6. Which among these is India's national game?
  7. When did India won its 1st cricket world cup?
  8. Which Indian became popular for starting with "brothers and sisters" during a speech in the western part of our world?
  9. Which of these epics does not belong to India?
  10. Who is India's present prime minister?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my country?