Which Country should you live in?

Have you wondered which country best suits you? Well if you take this easy fast quiz and find out the result. Enjoy the quiz and I hope you get a good result.

So? Which country suits you? Australia, United States, Asia, India, France or Ireland? So yeah bla bla bla enjoy the quiz and answer the quiz truthfully.

Created by: Thomas

  1. Favourite food?
  2. Favourite movie genre?
  3. What could you deal with best?
  4. Which language would you rather learn?
  5. Which city would you rather live in?
  6. Would you rather live in Asia or India?
  7. What would you rather live near the most?
  8. What sort of School would you go to or send your child to?
  9. How long do you or your child study a day?
  10. Which weekend sounds like you:
  11. Which movie would you watch?

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Quiz topic: Which Country should I live in?