Are you a true TNS fan?

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Have you heard of the next step? Or are you a fan? Take this quiz to determine how well you know TNS! I love it. I bet you would too. This has questions and true or false!

To help you on your quiz I would recommend thinking about each question thoroughly. I wish you the best of luck. Comment your result please. Have fun!

Created by: Bunnylover303

  1. Ok we will start off easy. What does TNS stand for?
  2. Emily briefly dated west at nationals
  3. Jiley = James and riley
  4. Does Eldon give Thalia a sweet spot map in the episode sweet spot?
  5. Does Eldon have to reach 30 pirouettes before dating Thalia?
  6. Who goes to Sweden for the international exchange program?
  7. Who does Noah date?
  8. Why does James like riley?
  9. Who does riley kiss in season 4?
  10. Emily injures her knee in semi finals.

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Quiz topic: Am I a true TNS fan?