Are You A True PewDiePie Fan?

Are you a true bro?Do you want to know if you are a PewDiePie freak?Lets see if you watch every single one of his videos and if you are completely obsessed with him.

Tip:You have to at least have watched Pewds play Amnesia,Skate, or Oculus Underwater Rift.If you haven't,don't even bother to take this quiz.Hope you enjoy!*BROFIST*

Created by: Munchie Rodriguez

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  1. When you hear the song 'Let it Go' or someone singing it,do you automatically think of PewDiePie's cover of it?
  2. When someone says the name 'Stephano',you think of PewDiePie's little gold statue.
  3. When you see a barrel...
  4. PeeeewwwDiePiiiiee!
  5. When you see a chair...
  6. Do you love Pewds?
  7. Bob!
  9. What character does Pewds yell at during his last upload?
  10. Are you truly addicted to watching PewDiePie?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True PewDiePie Fan?