how well do you know pewdiepie

The quiz is about how much you know pediepie and what it takes to become one of the broarmy bros. A bro is someone who know's likes and watches pewdiepie. This quiz will test your knowledge on pewdiepie.

How well do you know pewdiepie and how much video's do you even watch do you have the correct knowledge to get a good score on this quiz. Do you even know who pewdiepie is!

Created by: Patrick LL

  1. What does pewdiepie do for living being a/an/or......
  2. What is Pewdiepie's real name?
  3. What month date and year Pewdiepie was born on ?
  4. What country is Pewdiepie born in ?
  5. Which of these t.v. show's was pewdiepie featured on.
  6. What kind of animal did pewdiepie adopt ?
  7. What is the name's of the two animals/pets he adopted ?
  8. Who is pewdiepie dating ?
  9. Where was she born in ?
  10. Now for the gaming Questions. Which game did pewdiepie nick named the main character "Clemy clue" from ?
  11. How much videos does pewdiepie mostly post every day
  12. What gaming genre does pewdiepie play ?
  13. What game started making Pewdiepie more famous ?
  14. When did he start his yourube channel ?
  15. Who are some of the people pewdiepie plays with.
  16. Where does pewdiepie currently live in ? (2014)
  17. What simulators did pewdiepie play ?
  18. What is Your favorite game pewdiepie played (doesn't affect results)
  19. Are you a bro

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pewdiepie