How much do you know about Pewdiepie?

I noticed there aren't very many tests about Pewdiepie, so I went ahead and made one. I worked hard on this, so comment and rate, and tell your friends about it (and Pewdiepie)!

Ok, so you think you know Pewdiepie eh? Or are you just really, really bored? Either way, you've come to a decent place! Do you know everything about Pewdiepie? Do you just watch him sometimes? Or do you know diddly squat about the douche? Find out here!

Created by: Joker1001
  1. What is Pewdiepie's first name?
  2. What is Pewdiepie?
  3. Where did Pewdiepie come from?
  4. What is Pewdiepie's girlfriends full name?
  5. When was Pewdiepie born?
  6. Where does Pewdiepie currently reside (live)?
  7. Who is the golden statue in 'Amnesia'?
  8. What type of accent does the golden statue in amnesia (supposedly) have?
  9. What is Pewdiepie's full name?
  10. What name does Pewdiepie's pug dog have?
  11. What is Pewdiepie's yorkie dog named?
  12. Where was Marzia born?
  13. What mortal enemy does Pewdiepie have to team up with in 'Lucius'?
  14. What is Chair called?
  15. What forbidden art has Stephano taught Pewdiepie?
  16. What is Stephano's (Supposed) brother's name?
  17. This is going to be quite awkward, but what is Pewdiepie's sexuality?
  18. That last one was pretty awkward, so, umm... Just, just pick Felix.
  19. Ok, over it now. Which game does Pewdiepie commonly say "I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRREEEE!!!!!"?
  20. Which game out of these did Pewdiepie... Cry?
  21. Which, out of these games, did Pewdiepie nickname someone 'Clemmy'?
  22. Which one of these is Pewdiepie's best friend? (Kind of obvious.)
  23. Which game does Pewdiepie often say "I don't trust you!" in?
  24. What is Pewdiepie's fan base called?
  25. How many dogs does Pewdiepie have?
  26. What is Pewdiepie?
  27. What is Pewdiepie sometimes called?
  28. Which of these is one of Pewdiepie's friends? Just friends, not girlfriend.
  29. How many games has Pewdiepie played?
  30. Which of these has Pewdiepie said while playing 'Deadpool'?
  31. Has Pewdiepie ever played 'Faí§ade'?
  32. What says "I'm Pumped! Yeh!" in Amnesia: The Dark Descent to Pewdiepie?
  33. What is one of Pewdiepie's friends called? (The one with the white mask)
  34. What is the last episode of 'The Walking Dead' titled? I'm just talking about the last part of the series for Pewdiepie.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Pewdiepie?