Are You A True Mega Man Fan?

Mega Man is an iconic series (Like Mario, Sonic, Zelda, etc) that has been around for many years. And this quiz will tell how much you know of the Mega Man series.

Are you a true fan of the series? Take this quiz to find out on how much of a fan you are for the Mega Man games. Just to advise you, make sure you played a decent amount of his games.

Created by: Donutyoshi
  1. What's Mega Man's true name?
  2. How many series does Mega Man have in total?
  3. Which is the first Robot Master?
  4. Which Mega Man game is the most memorable?
  5. Most overpowered weapon in Mega Man 2?
  6. Which Robot Master had a meme?
  7. Who created Zero?
  8. Which Mega Man series didn't focus on a character who isn't really Mega Man.
  9. What year when Mega Man 8 was released in the USA?
  10. Which Mega Man game didn't have any Robot Masters that end with "Man"?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Mega Man Fan?