Are you a true JUSTIN BIEBER fan

K take my quiz to see if you are a TRUE JUSTIN BIEBER FAN.You won't regret it.It is to see how much you know and how little you know so take it to see if you are a .....TRUE JUSTIN BIEBER FAN.

Are youu aaa TRUE JUSTIN BIEBER FAN.Take this quiz and find out.So if you scored low then sorry not a true fan but really high CONGRATS to you.You just proved that you are a TRUE FAN.Make sure you comment.

Created by: Macie

  1. What was Justin Biebers first hit single
  2. What is Justin Biebers favorite Pajamas
  3. His favorite candy is what
  4. What is his favorite color
  5. What was the girls name in the "Baby"music video
  6. He is afraid of what
  7. He is afraid of what
  8. What does he look for in a girl
  9. Where did he fracture his foot at
  10. What is his middle name

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Quiz topic: Am I a true JUSTIN BIEBER fan