Are you a true GreekFreek?

this is my first quiz so be nice plz... anyway, in this quiz, we will find out if you are worthy of being a GreekFreek. A GreekFreek is someone that is obsessed with greek mythology, like me...

Are YOU a GreekFreek? Are u smart or r u dumb on knowledge of greek mythology. this quiz is realtively simple. its pretty much just commom knowledge of what you hear about from random things. hope you like... RATE AND COMMENT!!!!

Created by: Taylor

  1. How many Olympians are there?
  2. Who is Chiron?
  3. What is Athena also known as
  4. What is Hephaestus Greek God of?
  5. Where where the Olypians thrones?
  6. Is Greek Mythology the best thing ever made?!?!
  7. Who is Perseus's dad?
  8. Is it true that Hera hated most of Zeus's demigod children?
  9. Where the gods immortal?
  10. Who is Aphrodite's mother and father?
  11. The most hated?feared monsters of the gods and almost defeated them before...
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true GreekFreek?