How well do you know me????

There are friends and there are true friends.I created this quiz to see how you rank as a friend to me.A true friend knows everything about you the good and the bad and still loves you know matter what.A friend asks"Can i get some soda out of your fridge?" a true friend just takes it without asking.A friend knocks when they come to your house.A true friend just comes right in because they know that they are like family.A friend bails you out of jail at 3 a.m. a true friend is right there on the side of you going "Dam that was fun".

So take my quiz and see how well you know me and just how good a friend you are to me.I dare you!!!!After your done taking it we will see if you are a true friend or just a friend.

Created by: Jolene of myspace
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  1. What's my favorite color?
  2. what's my favorite car?
  3. What's my favorite movie?
  4. What's my drink of choice?
  5. Have i ever been in love?
  6. what describes me best?
  7. what's my biggest fear?
  8. what do i like to use more?
  9. what do i like more?
  10. what annoys me the most?
  11. I am very picky when it comes to....
  12. I have to have my tuna fish...
  13. whats my favorite number?
  14. what makes me happiest?
  15. the best kiss i ever had made me feel....

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me????