Are you a Swiftie?

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Ok, so this is a quiz about Taylor Swift. If you dont like her, then I dont want to hear your snide or rude comments. So just leave, kindly. Thank you!

Are you a true Swiftie? Up until this point, you may have thought you were...but really, are you? Find out here if you REALLY know TS! And no cheating, because thats not what a true Swiftie would do. ;)

Created by: Skyler Potter
  1. What are all of Taylor Swifts albums listed IN ORDER?
  2. What is Taylor Swifts favorite number?
  3. Who is the song "Stay Beautiful" about?
  4. Middle name?
  5. When did she move to Tennessee to start her recording career?
  6. Younger brothers name?
  7. What is Taylors most RECENT album? (2012)
  8. What is the first instrument Taylor began playing?
  9. What state was she born in?
  10. When Taylor performs, WHAT does she write on her hand, and which hand is it?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Swiftie?