Are you a true Swiftie (taylor swift fan)

There are many fans of Taylor swift, some of the, believe they know enough to be a true Swiftie, but only some are lucky enough to be an actual swiftie.

Are you one of those lucky people? Or do you just think you are? Or are you just a fan? Or are you just taking this quiz because your friends forced you and your not a Swiftie? Find out here!

Created by: cutie5

  1. Lets start off easy: Who is taylor swift
  2. When was she born?
  3. What's her favorite color
  4. What song is this: "I don't like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me"
  5. what song is this" "took you like a shot, thought that I could chase you with the cold evening"
  6. what song is this: "Phone lights up my nightstand in the blackCome here, you can meet me in the back"
  7. Who is was taylor swifts childhood best friend
  8. when did harry styles and taylor swift date
  9. when was her album 1989 released?
  10. where was she born?
  11. what color is her hair?
  12. what is her sister's name name
  13. what was her most recent album as of august 2018?
  14. whats her lucky number?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Swiftie (taylor swift fan)