How Well do you Know Taylor Swift?

There are many swifties all over the world. But how many true swifties are out there? We all love the amazing and talented Ms. Swift, but who really knows her? A lot of people think they know her when they actually don't.

Are you a true swiftie? It doesn't matter wether you've seen her in real life, wether you collect Taylor Swift merchandise, or if you have all of her posters. Test your Swiftie knowledge with this quiz and see how much you know our heroine!

Created by: Serena

  1. Where was Taylor Swift born?
  2. What was Taylor's first single?
  3. What is Taylor's mom's name?
  4. What are Taylor's favorite colors?
  5. Does Taylor have any siblings?
  6. When is Taylor's birthday?
  7. When did Taylor date Joe Jonas?
  8. Who is Taylor's favorite singer?
  9. What is Taylor's favorite TV show?
  10. What is Taylor's second fragrance/perfume called?
  11. What is Taylor's favorite number?
  12. Which Shoe Brand Does Taylor have a Sponsorship with?
  13. Who is Taylor's Best Friend from School?
  14. What is Taylor's cat's name?
  15. Who Punk'd Taylor?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Taylor Swift?