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Hey, I'm CrimsonBandit and here is my quiz. Even though I'm not a popular YouTuber or a really great Pro, I do have something that beats many: K n o w l e d g e.

I hope you enjoy the quiz and get most of them right, and please and I mean PLEASE, don't use the wiki to keep it fun and smooth. Have fun, and good luck.

Created by: CrimsonBandit

  1. What was the original name for the "M416"?
  2. What did the original "Level 1 Pack" look like?
  3. How many ammo types were there before?
  4. What is the Frying Pan's special ability?
  5. When did come out?
  6. [BOSS] How much damage does the AWM-S do?
  7. How much damage does the Flare Gun do?
  8. Where can you find a Mosin-Nagant and a Woodland Combat outfit?
  9. Is there such thing as a Headshot?
  10. Winner winner chicken _____!
  11. [BOSS] What is the Green Ammo called?
  12. How much damage does the Level 3 vest block off?
  13. What is the exact damage the Fireaxe deal?
  14. While carrying a Level 3 Military Backpack, how many .50 AE rounds can you carry?
  15. [FINAL BOSS] Which statement below for Peacemaker is wrong?

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