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Welcome to surviv quiz enjoy and before u take it study, ( I mean playing) this quiz will test whether you are a good player or a bad player, so u better play boi

Have fun booiiii this is fun quiz if you know how to play SURVIVAL.IO GO TO YOUR WEB BROWSER AND SEARCH UP If using school property to play games, then type in

Created by: Dandaman

  1. Are u ready?
  2. What are the tree explosives that came in order
  3. Do u like shotguns?! Well what is a double barrel called?
  4. What is the rarest gun?
  5. Where can you find the AWM-S? Not corpses
  6. What is the smallest bunker?!
  7. Is a Vector good?
  8. What do u want to start off with
  9. Why is a frying pan so rare?!
  10. Fortnite or
  11. When did come out?
  12. What is the story of
  13. Kill em!
  14. Are u ready for the last answer?
  15. If you played the rain fall update in 2018 in the begging of November, what does the secret message in the salon “ when the fire stops, the island will remain”? Mean?

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