Are you a statist?

Are you a statist,anarchist or somewhere in between? Take my quiz and find out more about you're political affiliation. Good luck and please remember to have fun.

The next 12 questions will determine you're political ideology. They have been chosen specifically so that you may have an accurate result. Choose you're answers wisely.

Created by: michael murphy

  1. Is government neccesary?
  2. Was the war in Iraq justified?
  3. What is you're stance immigration?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized?
  5. What is you're opinion on infastucture spending?
  6. Gay marriage.
  7. Preferred Presidential candidate
  8. Should we continue foreign aid to Israel?
  9. Can jet fuel melt steel beams?
  10. What do you consider yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I a statist?