Are you a statist?

Very few people consider themselves statists. But the reality is that the state--all over the world--has and continues to grow at an exponential rate.

(Anti)Statism is a sliding scale. Different issues have varying levels of importance. How do you stand? Are you a statist or are you an anti-statist?

Created by: Guapo
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  1. What is the correct economic status of private property?
  2. What is the reason for the interest rate, and should it be regulated?
  3. What is the source of economic value?
  4. What is money and how does it originate?
  5. What causes the business cycle?
  6. What is the right anti-recession policy?
  7. What is the proper size and scope of government in relation to markets?
  8. Who should regulate consumer products and how?
  9. What are wages?
  10. What causes economic growth?
  11. What do taxes fund?
  12. Do markets create and sustain monopolies and what should be done about it?
  13. What are the economic implications of national defense?
  14. What are the economic implications of warfare?
  15. Who serves society best?
  16. What is the state?

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Quiz topic: Am I a statist?