Are you a snoop?

There are many people that just get curious about things, but does that necessarily make them a snoop? Of course not! A snoop is someone who finds them self absolutely needing to know people's secrets.

But are you a snoop? Are you really that curious? Just remember that being a snoop can be very dangerous. If you really are a snoop, at the end of this quiz, I will help you get over this snoopyness lol

Created by: bfaithr

  1. While looking for a book at the library, you hear two classmates in the next row whispering. Would you keep very quiet and try to listen to what they're saying?
  2. When you use the rest room at your piano teacher's house (pretend you have a piano teacher), would you peek into the cabinet behind the mirror to see what's there?
  3. While sharpening a pencil at your dad's desk at home, you see a letter to your aunt on his computer screen. Would you read it?
  4. You're looking for a box to wrap your mom's Christmas present in when you stumble across a huge shopping bag from your favorite store! Would you look inside?
  5. Your sister (pretend you have a sister) accidentally left her diary sitting on top of her dresser--unlocked! Would you sneak a peek next time she leaves the house?
  6. You're waiting at your teacher's desk to ask a question when you notice her grade book lying wide open. Would you read everyone's grades?
  7. You see two girls passing a note in class and giggling. Later on, you see the note crumbled up in the garbage. Would you fish it out to read it?
  8. A few days before your birthday, you hear your mom whispering on the (home) phone. Would you quietly pick up the phone in another room to find out who's on the other end?
  9. I can't think of any more questions...

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