Are you a Real Warrior Cats fan? #2

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As many Warrior cats fans in the world as there are, you might be one of the best! Like, all Erin's secrets you wanna know! Keep quizzing and find out!

Wait, are you, a true absolutely best warrior cats fan? I believe so. Don't hold back from my quiz! I'll help you! It will only take a few minutes.

Created by: RubyHeart

  1. What is Firestar's real name? This is a trick question.
  2. How did Bluestar die?
  3. Leafpool's children are;
  4. First of all, (This should have been first question) is Erin Hunter a girl or boy?
  5. How many people are Erin Hunter?
  6. Who were all of Crowfeather's mates?
  7. 'Pack, Pack, Kill, Kill,' Was said by who?
  8. ShadowClans (AL of them) leaders are who?
  9. I didn't finish the last question I'm sorry.
  10. Good bye! Hope you got a good score!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Real Warrior Cats fan? #2