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  • You are 93% Picky!

    You are a great eater! You aren't the least bit picky and you are always willing to try new things! You have things you don't like, but overall you are a master when it comes to food! Keep it up and you'll really do great on a date!

    that doesnt make sense! im 93% picky but im not the least bit picky? BACKWARDS RESULTS?!

  • WTF cos you're a picky eater wouldn't make you thin you could be really fussy with healthy stuff and love all fatty food and be obese. Jeez

  • ????? So confused. It said I'm 10% picky yet apparently I'm a super picky eater... Don't think so. I'm pretty sure you messed up on the results. Other than that, great quiz :)

  • It said I was 13 percent picky yet it said I was very picky even though I'm not picky xD

  • Brah I only eat kids foods,hate eating and hate going out to eat how the hell did I get 73? Lol


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