Are you a hypebeast?

There are a lot of sneakerheads but some people just get popular shoes just to be popular so they are a hypebeast. They should just find a different hobby.

This quiz is to see if u are a hypebeast. It will tell u questions about shoes(some of them are true or false), and on definition. So if u want to see if u are a hypebeast then take this quiz.

Created by: Luis of Flight Club NY
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  1. What is a hypebeast?
  2. How many pairs of shoes do you have
  3. Which is fake?
  4. True or False: Trinidad James 4 are custom
  5. What does OG stand for?
  6. What does GS stand for?
  7. What does gs mean?
  8. What shoe came out as thunder?
  9. What does GMP stand for?
  10. True or False: Are these shoes in the Son of Mars - 1,4,2,7,9

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Quiz topic: Am I a hypebeast?