are you a sneakerhead?

so you think your a sneakerhead huh.??? well heres a test to really let you know for yourself.! this test is a series of personality and passion question designed to let you know deep down inside if your really committed to the sneaker life.!

sneakerheads are often refered to as the hippies of modern days.! care free souls that just want to buy sell and trade multi hundred dollar shoes. drowning their lives in the latest shoes and upcoming kicks.! its that so bad.???

Created by: izzy
  1. when you first walk into a shoe store you..
  2. how much do you approximately spend on shoes in a year?
  3. before buying a pair of shoes you already know...
  4. the day before wearing a pair of shoes you...
  5. when you first get a pair of shoes you...
  6. whats the longest you can keep a pair of shoes clean?
  7. whats the most you will ever pay for a pair of shoes?
  8. what kind of shoes do like to wear?
  9. when on the computer for your daily myspace check (we all do it) you also...
  10. how many pairs of SNEAKERS (not no damn flats or vans) do you own?
  11. when cleaning your shoes you...
  12. which of the following is not a legit shoe store..
  13. (this question does not affect score) which of the following do you prefer
  14. which of the following came out in a fire red colourway?
  15. which came first
  16. which of the following is NOT a real dunk
  17. When caught in the rain in your favorite sneakers you...
  18. if someone asked you wear to get a pair of "Nike dunk carrot tops" you would say.??
  19. in "Nike Dunk SB" what does SB stand for??
  20. when did the first pair of dunks come out?
  21. the jordan brand came out with the DMP to honor jordans most memorable times...DMP stands for what?

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Quiz topic: am I a sneakerhead?