are you a sneakerhead?

there are many great sneakerheads. but wht is a sneakerhead? it is the knowing of all the dope shoes around and having a great collection of shoes....

you think your a sneakerhead?well thanks to this great quize you will be able to find out if you are a sneakerhead or not? there are lots of people who are sneakerheads, try to become the best.

Created by: nic

  1. what does the symbol on the Jordan son of mars shoes mean?
  2. which retro 5s Jordan shoe did michealjordan wear himself?
  3. how much do you spend on shoes a year?
  4. before buying shoes you do what?
  5. when you buy new sneakers you?
  6. when cleaning your sneakers you use?
  7. how many pairs of sneakers do you have(not no flats actual shoes)
  8. which of the following is not a shoe store?
  9. in "nike dunk sb"what does the sb stand for?
  10. which of the following came out in a fire red colourway?

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Quiz topic: Am I a sneakerhead?