Are you a good Basketball player?

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My name is Josh Demarti. I play junior basketball in Eaton, Western Australia for a team called the Hawks. I have played for three years and I have won back to back team awards for two different teams. My team came runners-up in 2009-10 in the finals.

Do you think you are good at basketball. Do you think you have a chance at the NBA? Take this quiz to find out if you are good at basketball or if you still need to work on your skills.

Created by: Josh Demarti
  1. Can you dribble the ball through your legs while moving in a game?
  2. There is ten seconds to go and you are up by 3. You have four fouls and the other team has the ball. You...
  3. Can you lay-up?
  4. Can you shoot for three and make the distance?
  5. Your team-mate is stuck in a double team. What do you do?
  6. What defence do you play?
  7. Do you look up when you dribble?
  8. Do you pass it off or hog it?
  9. Can you do a V-cut?
  10. Do you cross your feet over in defence or do you sidestep?
  11. There is one good player in the team but all the other players are open. Who do you pass to?
  12. You are bringing the ball up trying to score an easy goal. What will you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good Basketball player?