Are a Good Basketball Player?

There are many great basketball players. Some who are poor, good, and great players but they have different skills. Remember, any player who practices hours and hours. They mustn't give up.

If you'd like to know more of basketball tips, check out youtube. Com/shotscience or youtube. Com/dreput Click them right now and while you at it, put on your shoes and play hoop!

Created by: Beanstalkydunk
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many years have you play basketball on a team?
  2. What's your best position?
  3. Can you dribble?
  4. Can you shoot any area?
  5. Do you have solid defense on ball and off ball?
  6. Can you grab a rebound?
  7. In average, how many points you make per game?
  8. In average, how many minutes you play per game?
  9. Do you communicate with your teammates and coaches well?
  10. Have you ever been kicked out of a game?
  11. Have you practiced over the summer?
  12. From question #13, if yes. What do you worked on the most? If no, click no.
  13. Are you a clutch?
  14. Which player you like the best?
  15. Honestly, do you have bad temper?
  16. Suit which is your BEST skill?
  17. Do your team needs you to help them in a game?
  18. Do you think you will help your team to win a championship?

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