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  • You are 67% of a good player. 67%

    A bit above average you know a lot about the game but there are still some things you don't know about. but still good job come back anytime to retry.

  • Lol I don't even have Among us And I got 40% score. I may admit Among us is kinda boring.... I downloaded and played 2 games I won in one and lost in other but it was really boring.....

    • Wow. You do know that Among Us isn't boring, right? Among Us is a strategic game where you are an imposter or a crewmate. As an imposter, you have to kill off the crew. Sabotage and close doors to trap them and make your move, or kill in the open - and probably get caught. You can vent to get away from situations and also move towards victims faster. As a crew member, you finish tasks to win or just vote out the imposter. Sorry if you thought the game was boring, but I do want to say why I think it isn't. I still think that you got a good score! I got 93%.

  • You are 87% of a good player. 87%

    WOW PERFECT GAME PLAYER EVER!! you know everything bout the game and can be the imposter anytime and if they guess it's you then you know just what to say.

  • Question number 6 is dumb cause most of those answers are correct depending on your role

    Faceless Knight
  • Wait, hold up, there can only be 9 crewmates at the most, because there's always at least one impostor. 80%

  • You are 80% of a good player. 80%

    WOW!! perfect game player ever!! you know all about the game and love to be the imposter. you know just what to say when they think it's you great job!!


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