are you a fairy tail fan

there are many fairy tail fans i think your one of them pls.take this quiz if you got 100%-85% your pass pls. take this quiz this is so hard take this quiz

are YOU a fairy tail FAN did you read mangas watch episodes read wiki google it watch moments this is hard ready set whoops don't start yet ok now wait ready set go

Created by: chastine
  1. what guild is droy's first crush
  2. what is nab's surname
  3. what is raijunsshu
  4. who is the father of makarov
  5. who is the 6th master of fairy tail
  6. how long is fairy tail or half of the fairy tail seal on the island
  7. who is kemokemo
  8. what is phanterlily's favorite food
  9. what is carla's favorite food
  10. what is carla's favorite food
  11. who is gray's father
  12. who is cana's mother *i'm not sure about the spellings*
  13. where does flare live
  14. who cover ice or cast a spell on the sun village
  15. why can fairy tail can go in lucy's house
  16. why can fairy tail can go in lucy's house
  17. what is kinana
  18. what is kinana's real name*i don't know if it's real name*
  19. who is kinana
  20. who is natsu's older brother
  21. what is angel's new power
  22. what is lyon's childhood dream
  23. what is hoteye's real name
  24. who is hoteye's brother
  25. who is hoteye's brother
  26. what place does fairy tail team b (GMG)
  27. who win at the bingo
  28. what is siegren
  29. who is the last place (GMG)or loser
  30. what is chelia/sherry's surname
  31. does natsu always win
  32. if your answer is no just one thing he never win

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Quiz topic: Am I a fairy tail fan