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  • I think they need to ask something properly those questions had nothing to do with deep thinking, for e.g a question like this would be suitable. Question: you are in a group interview with 5 other people, the person interviewing asks everyone in the group to give him 4 options of what he should take on a deserted island to help him survive, how and why should he take those things. Please answer, would you A raise your hand and answer the question right away without thinking twice, B sit back and wait for others to answer first then when you have an idea share it with the group or C, say nothing at all because you feel are still deeply thinking about what to say. For me I fall into both categories B and C

    Another question is, if someone ignores you for no reason although you are a nice person to them, do you A, ask that person if they are ok? B, sit there thinking all day about why they ignored you or C, brush it off because you don't really take the matter seriously.

  • As I read the other comments I have to wonder????? Are you disappointed in the results because you were hoping for a deeper thoughts result? If so then you might want to re think your thinking process. In other words you are not a deep thinker you are more an in the now thinker. Not a bad thing at all you just don't think really deep thoughts about life as someone older who has been through though times might think. Or a person who thinks in life's therms as a Universal concept but as a man made religious concept. There is a difference. The Universal law is that everything is connected and the religious aspect is to believe what you are told to believe. Believe in things outside the box and go beyond. I got a 75% deep thinker and thought I might have gotten a higher score but, it is because of the answers I chose that are what I believe in, just as you choose the answers you believe in.

  • You are 98% of a deep thinker 98%

    You are independant, you must lie down occasionally and look up, pondering the way life works, and you don't listen to whatever is told to you.

    MrChange201 4 your way you think its not really deep :) you just feel happy for taking a hight score and not the others..And let me tell you something.. how you know if this random internet guy who made this quiz is intelligent or a deep thinker to measure us? for him to measure us he just needs to put his believes on a question and just put a score in one of them as soon as we agree with him or not.. thats dumb! the test is childish and i am saying this with a score of 98% and not a bad score.. let me tell you something :) the real deep thinkers believes in nothing.. do you know what random is? random is an illusion :) nothing is really random we just made this to expain things that we dont undertand or they are rare! and also... taking an internet test serious is also dumb and childish from you :)

    • wow u just said any amazing thing! i mean "random is an illusion" wow i m just so impressed with your comment! i wish had a long convo with you understanding all these concepts lol! btw u really deserve 98%

  • A lot of these questions were based on religious values. I got a really low percentage because I am a Christian, in all truth. And society is not feeding my beliefs, considering everyone criticizes my beliefs and thinks exactly the opposite anymore. Just because you think you are a deep person for the values you have does not mean others are not deep thinkers for the values in which they have. 19% deep thinker? Quite offensive for a quiz based on your own values.

  • You are 86% of a deep thinker

    You are independant, you must lie down occasionally and look up, pondering the way life works, and you don't listen to whatever is told to you.

    That is right I mean really why in the world are we here we live we die we move on it's the circle of life there are many mysterys in the world that we will never discover and why is that? And the reason other life hasen't found us yet? Who says we they haven't or are they thinking the exact things of us like, is there other life out there but we're too far away to know and may never find each other? The ways of the univerous are still questionable to us and some wish to discover everything about it

  • @teh_turtle: Sorry for your bad result, I got 50% and I think this quiz is quite good, as its really deep. But, it seemed like it was missing other areas that define depthness. Like its not all about universal or belief about human vs animal... that make us deep persons or not, therere just so many more things to count.

  • It is rather confusing; most of the answers are much different than the way I think. My brain is strange, but I am called a deep thinker by many.

  • Why, I ask, do you encourage the subject to think on his own if he must adhere to your conclusions in order to be labelled a deep thinker?

    E Lunatic
  • Boat. Water. Food. Gasoline

  • Very deep question E Lunatic. good quiz too.

  • I got 61% but i don't think that i considered 2 ae a deep thinker.

    Mabano Faith
  • Wow 96% But to bad i don't believe in quizzes

  • I got 50%...I guess that's kind of accurate!

  • shallow questions and too few at best. does not measure much

  • once again a quiz that depends on personal view and ideals.


  • 88%.....I could have done better...

  • 98% ....that makes me the greatest thinker ever.

  • omg, i got 1%! is that even possible? im blonde, but not THAT blonde!!! holy crap!

  • 52%, I wanted a higher rating. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    I like music
  • 38% ugh that was lame...who the hell gives a damn about all that s--- anyways

  • 68%

  • ...

  • 49%...

  • cool quiz!!! :D 84%. :)


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