Are you a cool parent?

Parents often wonder if they are cool or not? But some can over do it. There is a difference between cool and too cool. Letting your children do whatever they please is not cool...its being a walk over.

So are you a cool parent? What do you think? why not give yourself a final score to begin with a see what the final result is? you may be surprised...choose from "cool" uncool" or "too cool"! Have fun!

Created by: beffy

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  1. Your child comes in half an hour late. do you:
  2. Your child is brought home by the police for anti-social behaviour. do you:
  3. Your underage child wants to have sex with their partner. Do you:
  4. your child gets a letter home from school saying they are underachieving. this is very unlike them. Do you:
  5. Your child wants to go to an all night party at a friends house. Do you:
  6. your oldest child wants to go camping for the weekend with a couple of friends
  7. you find some dirty messages on your childs mobile. Do you:
  8. you child buys you a rubbish gift. Do you:
  9. your child wants you to buy them some expensice clothes. Do you:
  10. your child breaks something very precious and valuble. Do you:

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Quiz topic: Am I a cool parent?