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  • 80% :P I was born in 1998. I loved Rugrats, Catdog, the wild Thornberrys, fresh prince of bell air. Also a whole bunch of other shows I saw later on in the early 2000's. Like The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, Fosters home for imaginary friends, Ahhh real monsters, My like as a teenage robot, and many more. Recently I found Invader ZIM, that is now my favorite show :D

  • First from 1996! Oh yeah! If you're a 90s kid, which I am 90%, then you SHOULD remember most of this stuff regardless of when you were born if for no other reason then seeing it on TV! Now, who remember VHS cassettes, because I know I do!?!

  • Nindy percent,I was actually born in the early 2000s era but I've always had lots of interest in the 1990s exspecially when it comes to the cartoons and toys. Cool quiz anyways though.

  • Well i was born in 1991 and my little sister was born in 1999. she thinks shes a 90s kid when really shes a mid 2000s and 2010s kid. she says she remembers shows like rugrats, hey arnold blah blah blah. but i always tell her no, because shes only 12. that means shes still a kid NOW not back in the 90s/early 2000s. i know im a 90s kid, because i turned 8 in 1999 so i got to expierence the whole decade

  • I was 1997 too, so I only know a couple of these. BUT I do remember things like Zoe 101, Drake and Josh, That's So Raven, Ned's Declassified, and the origonal Scooby Doos =)

  • I'm 99. Thing is, it was pretty obvious which ones were wrong, and for the other ones, well, I like stuff that most kids my age don't.

  • 99. I was old enough to see all the reruns of the shows. I have more VHS tapes than dvds.

  • I am a 90s kid but I only got 50 %, I didn't see the disney films. This quiz isn't for UK 90's kids

  • 70% i forgot almost every thing i live in the new world born in 1994 17 years old!gonna be 18 in 2012

  • 1997, more towards 200, probably why I don't know some of this stuff.


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