Are u a true star wars fan

Who is soo strong with the force?Only a true star wars fan will know.Hope u haven't seen the force awakens yet cause here some facts about star wars.

Are you a true star wars fan?Do you have what it takes to have the force?until now you can only wonder.But thanks to this awesome quiz, in just a few minutes u will find out!

Created by: Alina

  1. In episode one,how many Jedi knights were there
  2. Who is princess Leia sending the message to?
  3. Who owns chewy
  4. In episode 6 which group of characters come out
  5. Are u enjoying this quiz?
  6. In the battle vs Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker,what does Luke lose?
  7. Who is leia's brother?
  8. Who is Darth Vader?
  9. What 2 droids come out in episode 1-6?
  10. Is there a taco in episode 1-6?

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