The ultimate star wars trilogy quiz

There are some people who may know every single line in Star Wars by heart, and there may be some people who have not even heard of it. Star Wars is the most entertaining movie in my opinion.

Have you been up to date with all the latest Star Wars movies? Or have you been hiding behind the sofa when every Star Wars movie plays? Find out today in this Star Wars trilogy quiz!

Created by: Ben
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  1. After C3-PO and R2-D2 have landed safely,why does R2-D2 not follow C3-PO and go in a different direction?
  2. What does the information placed in R2-D2 by Princess Leia show you how to do?
  3. Why does the Death Star destroy Alderaan?
  4. Who is the message from Princess Leia to
  5. What is the name of the aircraft of the pilot Obi-Wan finds in Mos Eisley?
  6. After the clones attack Han Solo and the others whilst rescuing Princess Leia , who is the last to enter the garbage chute?
  7. How does Obi-Wan help the others escape the Death Star?
  8. What is Luke's flying code?
  9. How many times do the Rebels try to destroy the Death Star?
  10. Why does Luke put down his targeting screen?
  11. Where is the new Rebel base?
  12. What animal do people ride in the snow?
  13. What is the code of the aircraft that found Luke?
  14. Who does Luke see in Darth Vader's mask?
  15. Does Han Solo survive being frozen?
  16. Did Boba Fett find Han Solo first?
  17. Who does Boba Fett sell Han Solo to?
  18. When Jabba the Hutt is offered a deal and gift, what does he do?
  19. Why is the Emperor so pleased when Luke defeats Darth Vader?
  20. Why does Darth Vader stop the Emperor killing Luke?

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